Plan Ahead for Off-Season Skating!

If you care about skating progression, let's talk! We'll help you set goals and plan your training for the next competition season (or just for your next ice skating party)!

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Track Your Skating Progress

 Mastering new skills and tracking your progress is a large part of ice skating fun!  Although we have our own curriculum in place, national skating organization charts can help you estimate your skating level.

The U.S. Figure Skating Association Basic Skills program assigns skating levels numbered Basic Skills 1 though 8. These skills are common to all skaters: recreational, hockey, and figure skating. Students may compete against others at their level while still learning Basic Skills. (Please see your coach for a competition skill level assessment).

Adults have the option of following the U.S. Figure Skating Association's Adult Basic Skills Program.

The Ice Skating Institute also provides progress charts and  slightly different test level requirements.

After passing Level 8 of the Basic Skills Tests (USFSA) / Delta Test Level (ISI), students may proceed to advanced levels of testing and may choose to develop further skills as solo or pairs skaters, synchronized skaters, ice dancers, or Theatre on Ice performers. Team skating is also popular at the college level.

We help students who want to test for skill levels and earn badges through both the U.S. Figure Skating Association or the Ice Skating Institute.