Learn Skating for Hockey

Tot Hockey (Beginners Ages 2-5)

Balance, edge work, self-confidence and FUN are stressed in each class. Hockey Helmet with Facemask, and Hockey Gloves are required by the wee1st week  of classes. Skating skills include; stopping, falling and getting up, marching, gliding, swizzles, and backward skating.

Pre Hockey (Beginners Ages 6 & Up)

Pre-Hockey is designed for boys and girls and adults interested in learning the skating skills required to advance onto the Big Bear Hockey Program and organized team play. Prospective skaters must be able to skate across the ice on their own prior to enrollment. Forward and backward stride, hockey stops on both feet, transitions, and right and left backward crossovers are emphasized each week.

Bridge Hockey (Beginners Ages 6 & Up)

Our bridge hockey program is taking hockey learn to skate to the next level and preparing you with the progressions you need to become an elite skaters for youth hockey teams. The bridge 2 day a week program and is based on the USA Hockey Development Model and US Figure Skating basic skills program, all of which translates into faster development of the individual skills necessary to keep our skaters excited and motivated.  All classes are divided by age and/or skill.

Hockey helmet with facemask and hockey gloves are now required for all classes.